Quirky Christmas Gifts – Mop Slippers

Many things can happen at Christmas. But, two things stick out as seeming to always happen; to everybody. Young or old, blonde or brunette; everyone seems to not be able to find the right gift for someone and then spill something on a laminate or tiled floor. ‘Arrghhh! That’s the feeling!’ I can hear you say. A common feeling, because as we’ve discussed it happens to literally everyone.

Sigh exasperatedly no more. Seeing as this is such a common set of problems, we’ve found you a common solution. And what better way to kick quirky gifts off this year than with mop slippers.

Yes, such a thing does exist. You can buy it here, from naffgiftshop.com. And what better way to please, or at least bemuse that hard to buy for person in your life this year. For only £4.99.

That link again;


Image from;



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